The essence of the game is to take a photo or 1-5 second video making a facial expression of an emotional word generated randomly by the game. This is your emotake. You send your emotake to friends where they play against the clock to guess your expression. The quicker they guess the more points you both score. You climb the emotake ranking system and gain merits to stock up on Helps and Pauses which help you when playing the game. Props are available to enhance and jazz up your emotake and you can also create your own emotake words using the myEmotake feature.

How to play

How to Play

To start a new game click on the emotake icon at the top centre of your screen. Next step click game level menu which can be found at the bottom left. There are five different options of the game to play. The standard game includes three different levels of difficulty which are Easy, Medium and Onerous. Each level has a collection of emotional words and once you select a level, one of these words will be randomly generated for you.

emoING is a series of doing words that all end in 'ING'. A Fun and extra feature to explore. This option is video only so have fun expressING!

myEmotake is played with words created by yourself. Although there are over 1000 words within the app this feature lets you create your own additional emotional words that are personal to you and your friends. Once this has been unlocked you're free to create as many words as you like. [This is available to unlock by selecting it through game level menu or by going to settings and clicking myEmotake then follow the on screen directions.]

Feel it

How to Play

Once you have selected the game you want to play, now comes the fun part! Play around with words the game generates and take pictures/videos, try to get the best emotake you can.

There is an information icon to the right of the generated word. This will give you an explanation of the word which can be helpful when the game gets harder using the Onerous words.

Take it

Once you have your generated word take a picture or video expressing the emotion, this is your emotake. To shoot video simply switch to video mode and keep the capture button held down. Video can be up to a maximum of 5 seconds.

The use of props is available to enhance and jazz up your emotake. Find these by clicking on the pull down rope which will magically appear once you have taken your emotake.

Send it

How to Play

Once you are happy with your emotake its time to select friends to play the game with. You can choose to send to individual or multiple players if you wish, the more the merrier. Select the >> button at the bottom right and select your friends. Once your challenge has been sent this is now stored in your Live Games and ready to play. Sit back relax and let the games begin.

Play it

When you have received an emotake it will appear as a notification in your Live Games. The game will begin as soon as you open it so be prepared as you will have an allotted time to guess the emotake correctly, the time being dependent on the difficulty level you have been sent. Boxes indicate how many letters the emotion is together with a selection of letters to choose from. Tap on the letters to insert them into the boxes.

Find Friends

Within the Settings menu select 'Find Friends' and press the + icon at the top right to search for current friends already playing emotake, or use the Facebook icon to invite your Facebook friends. Once your friends have accepted your request they will appear in your Find Friends list.

Helps and Pauses

Once you have received a game and you begin guessing the emotake you have the option of a Help button to the left of your screen and a Pause button to your right.

Pressing the Help button automatically insert a letter to help you guess the emotake. To get you started we have loaded your game with 10 Helps. You can stock up with helps anytime by using Merits.

Pressing the pause button stops the game timer for 15 seconds and you can use this advantage at any time during the game. Your game comes pre loaded with 6 pauses, again you can stock up anytime by using Merits

If you are running low on helps and pauses the game will remind you occasionally to stock up before you start a new game.

How to Play


Merits are currency to use within the game to stock up on Helps and Pauses. Merits can be bought from within the game via the Settings menu.

We also reward you with Merits for the following:

With each completion of the following rankings passed:
emoRookie emoNovice and emoStudent gains 3 merits for each ranking.
emoScholar, emoPro and emoExpert gains 5 merits for each ranking.
emoMentee, emoPolymath and emoDoyen gains 7 merits for each ranking.
Master, Master I, Master II, Master III gains 10 merits for each ranking.
Intellectual, Prodigy, Genius, Dignitary gains 20 merits for each ranking.
Majestic, Upper Echelon, Eminence and emoME gains 50 merits for each ranking.

How to Play

To top up with 5 Helps you need to use 8 Merits
To top up with 10 Helps you need to use 12 Merits
To top up with 15 Helps you need to use 15 Merits

To top up 3 Pauses you need to use 5 Merits
To top up 6 Pauses you need to use 8 Merits
To top up 9 Pauses you need to use 10 Merits

Scoring and Ranking


Your score for each game is relevant to each difficulty level and dependent on how many seconds it takes you to guess correctly. The quicker your are the better you both score. Try your best not to get Timed out!

The following scores apply to the receiver guessing the emotake correctly in the allocated times. If the game is guessed correctly the sender with receive half of the points scored.

emoING is equivalent to Easy level timing and scoring

myEmotake is equivalent to Medium Level timing and scoring.


59-50 secs = 50 points
49-40 secs = 40 points
39-30 secs = 30 points
29-20 secs = 20 points
19-10 secs = 10 points
9-1 secs = 5 points



89-80 secs = 80 points
79-70 secs = 70 points
69-60 secs = 60 points
59-50 secs = 50 points
49-40 secs = 40 points
39-30 secs = 30 points
29-20 secs = 20 points
19-10 secs = 10 points
9-1 secs = 5 points


119-110 secs = 110 points
109-100 secs = 100 points
99-90 secs = 90 points
89-80 secs = 80 points
79-70 secs = 70 points
69-60 secs = 60 points
59-50 secs = 50 points
49-40 secs = 40 points
39-30 secs = 30 points
29-20 secs = 20 points
19-10 secs = 10 points
9-1 secs = 5 points

Emotake Rankings

Ranking Levels

Live Games, Completed Games, Messages

Live Games Icon

Your profile picture at the top left of your screen takes you to your Live Games. Here you will see all the games you have received and also all your sent games that have yet to be played.

Live Games Icon

Within Completed Games you can view the details of how you and your friends have scored during games played together. Simply tap to open and close for viewing details on any given game.

Live Games Icon

The messaging section is a fun feature that enables you to interact with your emotake friends.


Your stats are accessed through your Profile within the Settings menu. You can also click on any friend within the 'Find Friends section to also view their game stats. Feel free to explore!


today is the day!
18 Dec 2014

We are delighted to announce the launch of emotake today. The First Photomotional Challenge is now available to download from the App Store You can also check out the video promo here on You Tube. How far can you emotake it?



you gotta love emotake
4 Dec 2014

There's no limit to the addictive fun emotake has to offer. You really have got to feel it, take it, send it, play it! Have you tried emoING? A collection of hundreds of 'doing' words all endING in ING. Shoot 1-5 seconds of video to describe the emoING word. How far can you emotake it?

Love emotake

facebook + android versions underway
2 Dec 2014

Facebook and Android versions coming soon

Having only just completed our iPhone version of emotake and placing it in the hands of our Beta testers, our developers are doing a 'Rolling Stone - No Moss' impersonation. Facebook and Android versions are already rapidly underway.

Now even more Feel, Take, Send & Play :)

beta testing is the 'word of the day'
22 Nov 2014

Tracy Annoyed

Its been a long road but we're finally testing! There's currently swarms of emoTakers frantically trying to break our app and probably trying to become a master at the same time. They're creating emotakes galore, then sending them to their friends to guess. The Helps and Pauses are getting bombarded!

Even our own Tracy is getting 'Annoyed'. She just can't break it!

feel it - take it - send it - play it - how about it?
5 Nov 2014

Just how hard can it be to get a good strap line? After much deliberation, and we do mean 'much', chopping and changing, soul searching, brain storming (did we miss anything?) we've settle on one which we think beautifully encapsulates everything we feel about emotake.

Feel it Take it Send it Play it


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